Javier López López Through the several years I’ve worked in many companies helping to deliver features using PHP as main language. Watch Video In all these years I have been involved in to find the best technologies to reach our goals when I was working at Linio I used with Zend Framework, Nginx, MySQL, Memcache, Solr Search Engine, Git, SVN, deployments and methodologies like Scrum and Pair Programing. Also I was responsible to create a Api to communicate products between then wharehouse and the store.

I like to try to find the best solution not only using the right software but using the best architecture, I was responsible in the migration from a single computer to Amazon AWS when I was working as Head of Development at SchoolControl, to reach this goal, I wrote first a provision code using Ansible to prepare the web servers and the deployment I changed to capistrano, the management tasks was part of the my work, then I prepare and configured Jira platform to follow up the tickets.

When I worked at Clickbus, I was responsible to management the Team, like a lead and scrum master, about the technologies I was using Symfony, Capistrano, Aws mainly and I increased the rate of tickets ready to delivered, I was responsible for the branding strategy.

I was working as freelancer doing tasks of operations using Ansible and AWS mainly

Now I’m working as Chief Architect PHP at Aurea (remote position) responsible of EmailLabs platform, doing code reviews, code clean up validation, and now ‘m working in new features to the API using PSR standards, TDD, and SOLID.

Recently I’ve received my certification as Scrum Master Certified by ScrumStudy License: 552036, this is the goal after spend around 2 years working as Scrum Master when I was working as Tech Lead, Head of Development, and Regional CTO.

Across all my work I’ve learned through my own experience, errors and success, today I ready to bring any project to success. Languages

  • PHP
  • Sql
  • Bash
  • Javascript


  • Symfony
  • Silex
  • Laravel
  • Zend
  • Yii
  • CodeIgniter


  • OOP
  • DRY
  • KISS
  • CodeReviews

LAMP Developer Develop and maintenance web pages from multiples clients, using Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Sometimes I was playing with Linux servers trying to understand how they works Web developer Working on Anuncios en Linea doing maintenance and features to http://www.tuaviso.com.mx.

I was responsible of to write some automated services using php-cli scripts and Webservices using XML as standard. Web Developer Leading software development (Php, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Joomla and WordPress) PHP Developer Programmer Advanced PHP Specialist in Kohana Framework and Javascript
Senior Software Developer Software Engineering, new features, hotfixes, develop and
maintenance of Web Service between warehouse and E­commerce, API reviewer (PHP, Zend Framework, Yii, SVN, Bash, Linux, deployment tools) Team Leader Team Lead, hotfixes, Scrum Master, (PHP, Zend Framework, Yii, Git,
Bash, Linux, Capistrano) CTO/ Head of development Organization of process of development, migration to AWS with
Ansible, Implementation of Jira, migration to Silex framework, branching strategy, coordination of releases (PHP Silex, AWS, Ansible, Git) Tech Lead Latam Lead the IT Team in Mexico through scrum metodology organizing daily meetings, groomings, sprints.
Coordinate the releases (semantic version) and deployments with capistrano
CodeReview of the Team by means of PSR2, DRY, CleanCode and Best practiques.
Branching management with GIT using merging, branching and rebase strategies
Organizing and improvement of Rest API PHP Software Architect Lead PHP Developer, Quality Code improvements (PSR­4, Composer,
migration of deprecated functions), reorganization of PHP Code, implementation TDD, upgrade the code.[/builder_content]